Nomi was born in Orillia, Ontario. As a young girl, she made up a lot of stories and had her Barbie’s act them out. As she got older, she figured out she could write them down and tweak them whenever and however she wanted. Moving from farm country to Toronto, she was in love. She could go to the store whenever she wanted to buy candy, Bic pens, and a hundred notebooks.

In 1997 her life took a new turn — motherhood. In 2000, she returned to small town living, choosing a pretty village on the eastern shores of Lake Simcoe. Six months later, Nomi lost her biggest fan, her mom. Two more daughters joined the family she’d created with her husband, and now had 3 beautiful, real live baby dolls to play with. Practice Kid (PK) is the one Nomi and her husband made all their early mistakes with (thankfully PK turned out fantastically despite her parents not having a clue what they were doing). Middle Kid (MK) is a happy, sweet, amazing girl who also managed to be amazing despite her parents flaws. Baby Kid (BK) struggles at times — it’s hard to be the last one to get a job, to find glory when two older sisters already did this or that. She’s a sensitive, smart, and sassy young lady.

There’ve been fur babies, too. Sabre (dog) and Deuce (cat) are together in spirit  (RIP). Simon (dog) and Narcolepsy (cat) fight worse than the 2 legged kids (okay, not so much fight as Simon tries to play with Stinky cat like he’s another dog).

Nomi went blind at the end of 2004. The current diagnosis is an auto-immune retinal disease. Every day, she takes a mental snapshot of her loved ones, just in case tomorrow she can’t see them. She hasn’t taken a mental selfie since before Y2K, so she still looks amazing and youthful. She’s also added a few other auto-immune diseases to her collection, the most recent is MS. Since she can’t have her old independance, and her friends on Facebook won’t let her control their lives, she’s resorted to writing again. Controlling imaginary people is far more fulfilling (and better than a potential restraining order for trying to manipulate friends and random strangers). She writes books and then gets scared, so they’re all in neat little folders (cleaning her desktop PC is a lot more fun than vacuuming the furniture to pick up animal hair). One day they’ll be seen by more than her muse and her editor, but until then, she’s going to blog when she’s not forcing a character to dance, juggle, and whatever else she decides they should do. Short stories on a whim, (to avoid editing, rewriting, etc her current work in progress). Enjoy her stories, let her know she’s not the only one reading them. Please.


2 thoughts on “About

  1. You know I would be your fan club President if you had one. Share those books. I love the things you pop out of that pretty little over active Brain of yours.

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